When poker night is over, how to enjoy it

Potentially the most popular night of poker this week, poker night, is on the way to being closed.On Tuesday, the WSOP will re-open its doors with an eight-hour, two-day window.The first hour is reserved for players to deposit, check in and start playing.Then the first hour will be reserved for tournament play, including an all-you-can-eat buffet of prizes and prizes […]

How do you get the perfect burrito for your birthday?

Poker hands odds article Poker odds article What is the best way to get the best burrito on your birthday at the poker table?The best way is to play it and win.In poker, the odds are always in your favor, and when the pot is low, the chips tend to be higher.Poker players usually go for the chips at the […]

When you’re not looking, you can bet your life

In the middle of this week, Indian tennis player Shri Sushant Kaul played the first of three grand slams at the Indian Open.He made a huge difference to his team’s chances of victory over the world number two seed, John Isner, who is known for his aggressive and unorthodox style.After three sets, Kaul came to the court, and, with the […]

When Poker Chart Wins the Lottery

Poker chart, poker chart, and poker chart.It’s a lot to digest, so we’ll try to summarize it in one post.It doesn’t take a lot of work to understand that the current trend of increasing poker odds (or, at least, increased stakes) is due to a lot more people playing poker at a much higher frequency than in the past.This is […]

Why it’s hard to predict how the poker world will react to a Brexit

Poker equity calculator by Adam Gaffney – 8 March 2018 The UK will be leaving the European Union in 2019.The currency, the pound sterling, is likely to drop to a new low and a number of businesses, including casinos, will be forced to close.A Brexit vote, which many predict will lead to a recession, could be the trigger for a […]

How to win more cash online – and what to do if you don’t win

You don’t have to be a poker star to win money online.There are thousands of players who can earn thousands of pounds by playing online poker.And many of them earn a lot of money for just a few hours of playing every week.The online poker world is big, and it’s changing.Here’s everything you need to know about how to win […]

How to Get a DUI in New York City

NEW YORK — If you’re getting your first drink of the day, you’re not the only one who needs to check the police blotter for a DUI.If the police officer is unsure whether you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can ask for a Breathalyzer test, which can help identify the source of your impairment, according to a […]

How to Find the Best Poker Tournament of the Year

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect poker tournament to start playing, it might just be the perfect one.It’s the best possible way to experience the poker industry, and it’s free.And it’s happening right now.In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the best poker tournaments of the year, how they were created, and how they’re going live right […]

How to beat the poker rankings

Poker rankings are one of the most talked about topics in poker right now.They’re a great way to understand what players are doing well and what they’re doing badly, and they provide a way to see who has the best chance to make it to the top of the ranks.But that doesn’t mean they’re a perfect way to analyze the […]

How to watch poker videos on the internet

A few years ago, a young Australian couple decided to try poker online.“We wanted to see if we could beat the house,” says Sarah, a 27-year-old housewife.“There was just this big house that we wanted to beat.”“The first week, it was pretty hard,” says David, a 29-year‑old accountant.“You had to spend about two hours on the couch, playing cards and […]

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