Full tilt Poker Live: Poker live from New York City

New York is where the action is at when it comes to poker.The city hosts over 10 million dollars worth of cash prizes each year, and the sport is gaining momentum in New York.The New York State Supreme Court has ordered that poker players be allowed to continue to play, but there are a few things that need to be […]

Why Poker Sites Are Being Closed on Sundays, but Poker Stars Are Being Lifted

Aussie online poker site PokerStars is being shut down on Sunday, the day before the opening weekend of the PGA Championship at the Arnold Palmer International Golf Links in Glendale, Arizona.The company, which had a US presence until early last year, announced the shutdown on its website, saying: “We have made a decision to stop operations on Sunday May 1st […]

How the US economy is evolving to survive a global pandemic

A global pandemics has unleashed a new wave of financial risks for businesses, which is taking the shine off the dollar and driving up the price of commodities.The US economy has already been hit hard by a severe financial crisis, but the economic fallout is just getting worse.The US economy will shrink 3.7% in the fourth quarter, according to a […]

Which Poker Wording Is More Likely To Be Considered Truth?

With poker players increasingly adopting the online game, the truth is no longer a matter of dispute.But a new study from a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge has shown that the most common poker terms can also be misleading, and could be misconstrued by players who have no idea how to use the online poker game.The researchers […]

How to win $1.5 million in poker hands

With the poker hands game still in its infancy, it’s difficult to predict how it will fare in the long run.So, how will poker hands end up in your pocket?The good news is that there are plenty of poker hands that you can use to win the money you can expect to win by making it to the last three […]

Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Drunk When Watching Poker at the Movies

I had a blast playing poker at the local movie theater last week.I bet I’m not alone.While I was there, I spent the majority of my time watching poker games in my own little corner of the movie theater, so I have to say I enjoyed myself.I watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at the same time […]

Which one of these islands is Maui?

Maui is the only major island in Hawaii and one of the world’s most remote islands.The island of Oahu, also called Maui, is the third largest inhabited island in the world and is home to more than 3 million people.Maui also has a population of about 3.3 million.In recent years, it has become a popular tourist destination and has attracted […]

‘We’re the best team in the world’ as ‘Poke’ moves from Pokemon to ‘Poker’

In a game that’s dominated the news for weeks now, one that has dominated social media since its launch in January, the Pokken tournament has taken centre stage again, with the popularity of the game and its Pokemon players rising to new heights.The game’s popularity and demand have led to an influx of players into the local scene, with many […]

How to win a poker hand with poker hand strength

The best way to play poker is to pick a poker face.But it can also be difficult to determine which poker face is best.Here are seven tips to determine whether your poker hand is good or bad.1.Play on a poker deck with a good poker face2.Choose a pokerface that suits youThe best poker face for you might not be the […]

What’s the best poker hand strength?

Poker night is an online poker game that pits players against each other in a series of hand-to-hand games.The tournament is played in online rooms in the US, and can cost as little as $20 for a weekend pass.But online poker can also be played in venues like casinos, where the prize pot is usually much higher than in regular […]

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