How to win a Kona Poke, Princess and Poker Card Rankings

How to play poker with a Kota Pokedex card?Kota Pokers are awesome.It’s been suggested many times that Kona Pokers can be used as a good poker tool for beginners, as they’re a fun way to learn to play a few games in one.There’s even a few poker books available, such as Poker: A Modern Classic and Poker Secrets: The Art […]

Poker Tour Announces Free Tour for WSOP Online Players

WPT Online Poker tour will be held from June 7 to July 3.WPT will feature 8 online tournaments including the first ever online event at the WSOP.WPLG poker, the world’s largest poker tour and one of the largest online poker tournaments in the world, is hosting its first online tournament at the WPT.The online poker tournament will feature a prize […]

The Next-Level Poker Tournament in Hawaii: ‘We’re looking forward to the big day’

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“A lot of people want to play poker at night, but don’t have the time,” says Poko founder Andrew Smith

A poker night isn’t something every night is for everybody, but for people who enjoy it, it can be a great way to relax and get in touch with their inner-palooza.Here’s a rundown of what it takes to get started: What to expect: A poker-focused dinner for 20 or so guests, including a buffet, beer and wine and a few […]

How to get your new iPhone 6s Plus in a cute way

By now, you’ve probably seen how a cute picture of a cute cat might appear in your iPhone’s gallery.And you’ve also probably seen a cute, smiling picture of an iPhone 6 Plus in your gallery.Well, today we’re talking about the most adorable photo of the year.In a photo posted to Instagram by the company’s chief marketing officer, the company showed […]

What the words poke bowl,poke face,bowl and poker face mean in 2017

Posted May 17, 2018 04:22:24 The word poke bowl in 2017 meant a bowl with a big bowl.That’s because the term poke bowl refers to a large bowl, often referred to as a “bowl.”There are two kinds of poke bowls, one large bowl and one small bowl.The bowl with the bigger bowl is called a bowl.When you eat poke bowls […]

Pokes falls, online poker to become more accessible

Pokes fell by around 20% on Wednesday to $4.5 billion, as players in Japan and other emerging markets took advantage of the drop to access the game.The number of online poker sites fell by an additional 30% from January to March to a total of $1.3 billion, according to the data firm, according a report in the WSJ.The market’s overall […]

How to play poker online with a virtual poker table

You’ve heard the stories: you go to a poker game, get into a game, and suddenly you’re playing against another player, who also has a virtual table.That’s the “virtual table” problem, which is, as you might imagine, not easy to solve.There are many reasons for the lack of consensus among poker players, including the fact that players all share the […]

Poker face app is coming to Android in October

Poker face is coming soon to Android, according to the developers of the Android poker app, which is one of several apps launched this week that will help users relax after a tough week.The app, Poker Face: The Journey, is a collaboration between developer Jason Kallman and his buddy Jason Daley, who is working on a game of poker with […]

When the Internet is so powerful, why is it so hard to censor?

Posted October 02, 2018 06:06:11 When we use social media, we can’t help but ask questions.We’re always watching and listening to what’s going on, and our interactions with our friends, family, and coworkers can sometimes feel like we’re constantly being watched.And sometimes we’re being censored.In a recent survey, Pew Research Center asked the question, “When the Internet becomes so powerful […]

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