How do you get the perfect burrito for your birthday?

Poker hands odds article Poker odds article What is the best way to get the best burrito on your birthday at the poker table?The best way is to play it and win.In poker, the odds are always in your favor, and when the pot is low, the chips tend to be higher.Poker players usually go for the chips at the […]

How to play poker in the U.S. on the World Tour

The World Tour is a new and exciting format for poker players who are looking to make the most of their poker skills.A player needs to know how to play the game in the right order to win big, according to poker pros.The World Tournament of Poker (WTOP) takes place in the spring of 2018 in Las Vegas.The WTOP is […]

When you’re not looking, you can bet your life

In the middle of this week, Indian tennis player Shri Sushant Kaul played the first of three grand slams at the Indian Open.He made a huge difference to his team’s chances of victory over the world number two seed, John Isner, who is known for his aggressive and unorthodox style.After three sets, Kaul came to the court, and, with the […]

Why are Poker hands so hard to order?

Poker hands are a bit of a mystery, so I decided to take a look at the poker hands on offer at online poker sites.I have to admit, the hands I have chosen to use have had some pretty difficult poker hands to order online.In fact, the only thing I would recommend ordering online with a poker hand is with […]

When Poker Chart Wins the Lottery

Poker chart, poker chart, and poker chart.It’s a lot to digest, so we’ll try to summarize it in one post.It doesn’t take a lot of work to understand that the current trend of increasing poker odds (or, at least, increased stakes) is due to a lot more people playing poker at a much higher frequency than in the past.This is […]

Why Poker Tournament Won’t Change Your Life

POKER TOURNAMENTS, AGRICULTURE AND SOCIETY are big business in Thailand, and there are lots of reasons why.These days, it’s easier to get your hands on cheap, cheap food and drink than it is to find a decent poker player.Pokie tournaments, which are often run in small towns and towns with poor infrastructure, have become an important part of local life.But […]

Why it’s hard to predict how the poker world will react to a Brexit

Poker equity calculator by Adam Gaffney – 8 March 2018 The UK will be leaving the European Union in 2019.The currency, the pound sterling, is likely to drop to a new low and a number of businesses, including casinos, will be forced to close.A Brexit vote, which many predict will lead to a recession, could be the trigger for a […]

Why ‘Paddle Up’ Pokes Are Still a Thing

Paddle Up, the new poke-themed social media app, is a poke-heavy social network where users can post videos and photos of their friends, and they can ask for more.And you can’t help but wonder why, if the poke-centric world is so good at providing social support and social engagement, it’s so bad at actually creating genuine relationships.That’s because the poke […]

Which are the worst tattoos in the world?

Tattoo parlors across the country are scrambling to find a way to accommodate the new trend of tattooing that’s sweeping the country.The trend began with an explosion in popularity in 2016, when it became fashionable to wear the sleeves of your pants or T-shirt to signify your love for poker.Tattoos were also seen as a way for celebrities to show […]

Replay poker tables – tiki poker tables

Two of the world’s best poker players have made a comeback to the world of online poker tables.In a surprise move, two of the top players in the world will be joining forces in a new live online game called PokerTikiTix.PokerTix is an online poker game where players can compete for huge sums of money on the table.One of the […]

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